Surveying Services, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Crescencio Torres, a licensed surveyor with numerous
years experience.   Since its creation, Surveying Services, Inc. has added to its expertise with the addition
of talented personnel as well as state of the art equipment and technology.

We serve the surveying needs of the general contractor, government entity, private company, or individual.
 We work on projects large and small, and from the straight forward to complex in nature.

    Surveying Services, Inc. brings to every project a wealth of experience acquired over many years of
    surveying.   We bring surveying methods developed and perfected in the course of performing on
    many different projects with numerous clients.  We bring GPS electronic surveying and data
    collection equipment, the latest software, and the experience to utilize our assets to our client’s
    advantage.  Most important, we bring to your project our reputation.

    Surveying Services, Inc. minimizes errors and saves time by using software and equipment which
    eliminates manual input of data into our CAD system.  Once field data is reduced and adjusted, it can
    be entered directly into our CAD system for plotting.  A plot of field data is equally useful to us and to
    our client.  Once the plot is generated and checked, Surveying Services, Inc.  is able to present data
    in hard copy format using computer generated graphics and high-speed plotters, or present data on
    electronic media.

    We are committed to providing accurate performance on schedule and under budget.

    We guarantee:
      -quick response time
      -state of the art technology & equipment
      -competitive rates